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The research focus of AU's Labour Studies Program has been on Labour Education and Comparative Political Economy in the past. Because the global economy and global politics increasingly impact the conditions of working people in Canada and every other country of the world this focus has recently been widened to include Global Labour Studies.

Global Labour Studies


Social Democracy After the Cold War

Varieties of Neoliberalism (in German)


Globalization and the Labour Movement

Atlantic Capitalism – One World Or More?


Crisis and Labour Movements in the 1930s and Today

Comparative Political Economy


European Capitalism: Varieties of Crisis

Comparing Crisis: The 1930s, 1970s, and Today (extended German version )

Labour and the Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism

Can Germany's Corporatist Labor Movement Survive?

The Swedish Welfare State – A Model for Canadian Labour?

Union Education

Book and Presentations:

Union Learning


Unions and Learning in a Global Economy


Labour Education in Canada Today (PDF)

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